Giving Back To Those In Need

For Physicians and Dentists, every day is an opportunity to make a difference and help others in need. We connect you with organizations that allow you to share your skills while giving back, both in our community and around the world.  

GOtoGROW Scholarship

Taking part in a GOtoGROW mission trip is a great way to follow your passion while helping those who need it most. Haiti and Nicaragua are the two poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and medical teams are always needed to help their citizens survive.

Since 2010, Bless Back Worldwide has provided care for over 20,000 patients. We launched GOtoGROW in January of 2018 and have selected five GOtoGROW scholarship winners to serve in Haiti & Nicaragua this year. If chosen, you'll work in a community of clinic, help mentor local providers, and promote public health initiatives.


RESTORE Orthopedic Trauma Training

Orthopedic trauma surgeries such as limb reconstruction and limb deformity correction are complex. Through the RESTORE program, however, you can train in these critical techniques while helping those in need.

“During these RESTORE trips, we teach the Honduran surgeons how to use that equipment with the techniques we teach them. If we were to take the equipment back with us, the surgeons would be left with techniques that would be hard to implement without the specific equipment, in such a low resource environment.” -Jospeph Hsu, RESTORE founder and Director

NC MedAssist

Many people can't afford essential prescription medication. Working as a volunteer for the North Carolina MedAssist programs helps ensure that vulnerable North Carolina residents have access to basic medical needs, such as prescription medicines, support, and patient advocacy.

NC MedAssist receives bi-weekly shipments of over-the-counter meds and volunteers sort and distribute them through a non-profit pharmacy partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank.



Follow Your Passion for Helping Others

Your passion for helping others helps drive you in your role as a physician and the opportunity to follow that passion while serving those in need will only enhance your personal journey.

One week, One Mission

During your weeklong mission trip, you'll work in a community clinic and mentor local medical providers.

Life Saving Prescriptions

NC MedAssist helps thousands of North Carolina residents who can't afford basic medical services

Help Where Help is Needed

In Haiti there is 1 Dentist for every 31,000 people

Empowering Others

While RESTORE is humanitarian in nature, its program founders believe strongly in mentorship and local autonomy.

Humility, humanity, and family centered. It was such a humbling experience to see how much you can do with limited resources. Everyone in the clinic, guesthouse, and church all felt like one big family.

- Dr. Kendra Richardson, Family Medicine Physician

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