SDT Financial Education Seminars

We’re not only a comprehensive financial firm, but we specialize in the financial planning needs of medical professionals. We educate you about the financial aspects of your life and career through our resources and local lecture series. 

Every Topic, All the Expertise for Physicians and Dentists

No matter what the topic, we have the knowledge you need as you graduate from training and continue your medical career. We cover all the bases with our five-part lecture series.

Protecting Your Assets

Learn how different insurance strategies help you protect your money and when you should implement them.

Student Loan Repayment

Reducing – and paying off – your student loan debt is an important part of the process of planning your financial future.

Financial Planning Basics

Transitioning from your residency means more money and more potential financial pitfalls. Let us be your guide.

Saving and Investing

Getting started on a savings and investment plan as well as managing tax liability are among the challenges you face.

Estate Planning

Learn the differences between a will and trust and estate documents you may need as you look ahead.

Helpful Financial Blogs

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End of Year Tax Planning for Physicians and Dentists

With so much to look forward to during the holiday season, it is easy for busy professionals like physicians and dentists to overlook what ...

Financial Hacks for Physicians Transitioning from Training to Practice

Transition planning involves preparing for the financial and lifestyle changes that take place as you transition from training to practice. ...

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