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Establishing a smooth-running practice involves strategic planning to achieve your desired outcomes. In addition to building your practice, attracting and retaining incredible talent is essential.

We can assist you with planning for 401K benefits, bundling supplemental insurance packages, review shareholders agreements, as well as, strategic planning for your practice and partners. Our team of advisors offers a consultative approach to help you understand your core objectives and work with your legal team to execute your strategy properly.

SDT Offers Practice Support:

Supplemental Insurance

We understand the unique needs and challenges white coats professionals often face when it comes to getting the right insurance in place. We specialize in offering supplemental insurance options that will support you and your team, including buy-sell insurance, key man insurance, and business overhead expense (BOE insurance).


401(k) Planning

It is important to offer a 401K plan as part of your competitive benefits package to attract and retain great talent. As a business owner, understanding the proper retirement plan design to benefit you and your staff, while minimizing taxes is critically important. We help you take the guesswork out of your fiduciary obligation by creating a plan that works for your practice and your team. 

Debt Refinancing

Starting a dental or medical practice is expensive. Finding the right loan structure is vital to your financial health. We help you objectively review your business loans, then we independently network with lenders who may fit your specific needs.

Entity Structure & Planning

The legal needs of a medical or dental office can be overwhelming. Changes can be required with new partners or when you consider selling your practice. We act as the quarterback of your team of advisors by working closely with you and your partners to understand your goals and challenges, then work with your attorney to develop the right legal framework.

I was straight out of dental school and had no idea what I was doing from a financial perspective. I’ve been with SDT for 4 years, and I’ve since bought a practice, I found an Associate, I hired a CPA, I’ve had multiple practice loans for different equipment, and SDT has been instrumental in all of that.

- Dr. M.R., Client of SDT

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