Private Wealth Services

Designed for busy professionals and families
with over $10 million in investable wealth. 

Where are You in Your Financial Journey?

Our Private Wealth Services approach provides the expertise you need, a process you trust, and a relationship that saves you time.

So relax, you don’t have to do this alone.

Without Private Wealth Services

Without SDT

Without a single point of contact, you may experience wasted time, costly mistakes, and missed opportunities, leading to stress and uncertainty around your financial future.

Using SDT's Private Wealth Services

With SDT 2

As a Private Wealth Services client, you can expect streamlined coordination between all your financial professionals. This personalized management can save you time by eliminating confusing and unnecessary conversations.

There’s So Much to Consider. Where Do I Start?

 "Gradually, then suddenly," isn't just a line from an Ernest Hemmingway novel. Clients often have similar feelings when looking at the responsibility required to make smart decisions about their growing wealth. Do you wonder about these questions for your family?

Simplify and Plan
for the Future

  • What is a comprehensive financial plan? I think we need one now.

  • How can I bring all the elements of our financial lives together?

  • How do my financial decisions impact one another?

  •  What is the most optimal way to generate income to meet our lifestyle expenses?

Protect Your

  • Managing everything is exhausting. How do you make it easier?

  • I recently sold my practice/business; how can I plan for the future?

  • How complicated does our investment strategy need to be now?

  •  As my wealth has grown, what role does insurance play?

Include Your
Loved Ones

  • How can I structure my estate plan to minimize estate and gift taxes?

  • How should I tell my children about our family's wealth, and instill good financial habits and values?

  • When is it time to implement a family governance structure?

  • What charitable giving strategies make sense for my situation?

Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Cash Flow Planning

Tax Planning

Debt Planning

Wealth Management

Business Succession Planning

Retirement Planning

Protection Planning

Estate Planning

Family Governance

Charitable Giving

Let’s Plan for Your Success

High-net-worth individuals and families who desire a central point of contact with frequent touch points can benefit from personalized guidance, always with your best interests in mind.

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