White Coat Wellness Podcast | Episode 6
Financial Pressures Influencing Physicians

With Dr. Sanjiv Lakhia: Board Certified Physiatrist at Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates




On this episode of White Coat Wellness, we welcome Dr. Sanjiv Lakhia. Dr. Lakhia is a physician with Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. Dr. Lakhia joins us to discuss some of the unique financial pressures facing physicians today. (1:35)

First, we hear Dr. Lakhi discuss the need for physician-specific health and wealth resources. (2:05) He goes on to examine how sound financial decisions can lead to better physical and emotional health. He also highlights the financial peer pressure that can undermine a physician's financial plans. (3:45) Dr. Lakhia then reflects upon financial mistakes he has made and the insight he gleaned in the process. (7:50)

The episode then breaks for a bit of White Coat Wisdom with Will Koster. On this episode, Will takes on the subject of paying back student loans and explains when refinancing to get a lower rate could be the right decision. Spaugh Dameron Tenny partners with CommonBond to help doctors and dentists get the lowest refinance rates. To learn more about these special rates visit www.cbpartner.co/sdt. (10:31)

Dr. Lakhia discusses some specific investment propositions for doctors, specifically the pro forma, and talks about why he is not a believer. (12:34) He then addresses various biases, including overconfidence bias and confirmation bias that can affect decision-making. (15:56) Dr. Lakhia goes on to speak to the role financial pressure plays in physician burn out. (19:35) 

The episode wraps up with Dr. Lakhia's best advice for medical students hoping to achieve financial wellness (21:46) Learn more about Dr. Sanjiv Lakhia and his work at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates by visiting their website at https://www.cnsa.com/.

This episode's White Coat Achievement highlights Dr. Aaron Brandt, chief orthopedic surgery resident at Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina. (23:31) Dr. Brandt is currently serving alongside our guest from episode three, Dr. Joseph Hsu, at Hospital Escuela in Honduras. Dr. Brandt is serving with the RESTORE team, which stands for Reconstructive Surgery and Transmission of Operative Resources and Education. Dr. Brandt is the second resident civilian to have the opportunity to travel to Honduras through this program and learn from the local surgeons there.

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