A Collaborative Way We Can Serve Your Clients with Holistic Advice

Comprehensive Financial Guidance from Practice to Retirement

A Tailored Approach

As you’re aware, physicians and dentists have a unique need for trusted financial, legal, and insurance partners throughout the different stages of their career. And many don’t have the time or desire to handle it all themselves … or, if they think they do, they eventually realize how complex their financial situation has become. Add to this the time and inconvenience of being the middleman between these partners.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient for everyone if we collaborated directly?

To better serve our clients – and yours – that’s what we’d love to initiate. By collaborating with SDT, you and your clients benefit from our full spectrum of financial planning services.


We offer:


Doctor Dedicated Experience

With over 65 years of experience working with doctors, we provide comprehensive financial planning services for every stage of their career and can support you in serving this unique clientele.

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Financial Planning Insight

SDT becomes your reliable partner, offering in-depth insight into strategic financial planning. As a fiduciary, we provide independent, ongoing education and advice to your clients on a transparent fee-based schedule.


Added Value for Your Clients

By introducing SDT as a trusted partner, you provide added value by ensuring your clients’ financial plans are comprehensive and well-rounded. Your clients can rest assured they’re in experienced hands.


Tailored, Holistic Support

Direct communication with you streamlines the client experience. We provide you with information needed for taxes, audits, estate planning, legal services, etc., so clients aren’t overwhelmed by intricate requests.

Who’s the Ideal Fit?

This partnership doesn’t make sense for every client. We collaborate best with clients who:

- Desire centralized service.

- Are a physician, dentist, or household with similar financial complexity.

- Value financial planning but don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.

Our target client has at least $1,000,000 of investable assets or $10,000 of monthly free cash flow - or any combination thereof.

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How We Can Save Clients Time & Simplify Their Lives

At SDT, we offer the Prosperous Doc® Unique Advantage, which is the seamless integration of holistic planning, thoughtful strategy, and impeccable execution, all designed to save our clients time and simplify their lives. A partnership with you only amplifies this approach:


Through collaboration, we would better understand our client’s current situation, enabling more informed professional guidance.


We dive in and assess progress through a more complete lens, providing observations based on our combined years of experience and areas of expertise.


Together, we put our recommendations into action, complementing the services you already provide to your clients.


But the work is only just beginning. We carefully monitor the client's results alongside any external factors. And the process repeats!


Ready to Enhance Your Client Offerings?

If you’re ready to offer your clients the unparalleled advantage of comprehensive financial planning, SDT is here for you. Whether you’re an attorney, CPA, banker, practice consultant, or transition specialist, our expertise aligns seamlessly with the needs of physician and dental clients.

Take the First Step:
Who Comes to Mind?

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