White Coat Wellness Podcast | Episode 5
Diversity in Medicine

With Dr. Narjust Duma: Co-founder of Latinas in Medicine, Assistant Professor & Thoracic Oncologist at UW Carbone Cancer Center


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On this episode of White Coat Wellness, we welcome Dr. Narjust Duma. Dr. Duma is a thoracic oncologist at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and a Latina physician who completed medical school in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Duma was named 2018 Resident of the Year by the National Hispanic Medical Association and spearheaded the Twitter community #LatinasInMedicine.

Dr. Duma begins the episode by discussing her family heritage in medicine and the differences in medical training in the United States and other countries. (1:57) Dr. Duma describes some of the challenges she faced in medical school and in her residency. (5:05) She then goes on to discuss how she navigated her financial journey during her residency, fellowship, and the transition to practice. (7:35)

At (12:19) we break for a bit of White Coat Wisdom with Will Koster. This week: Credit Card Debt. Will points out that no amount of miles, rewards, or points ever make up for the exorbitant interest of a revolving balance on a credit card.

Dr. Duma capitalized on the power of social media, building a community on Twitter specifically for Latinas in Medicine, and leveraged hashtags that helps Latinas working in Medicine connect to one another. Dr. Duma discusses how this community and hashtag came to life and what it represents. (13:40) Dr. Duma goes on to outline her involvement in other forms of advocacy and leadership in medicine. (18:08)

Dr. Duma provides her unique perspective on promoting diversity within the medical community and expanding opportunities for minority doctors to thrive. She then discusses some of the ways she thinks the medical system can promote inclusion and better serve diverse communities. (21:30) We also hear about the dramatic progress she’s seen in diversity and inclusion in the medical community since she finished medical school. (23:45) Dr. Duma wraps up the podcast by speaking out to medical administrators about the changes she would like to see regarding diversity and inclusion and promoting strategies for helping students of diverse backgrounds not just survive, but thrive.

The episode concludes with a White Coat Achievement segment that features Dr. Dale Okorodudu. Dr. Dale, as he is known, is a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Dallas VA Medical Center. He is also the founder of Black Men in White Coats, a community that aims to bring awareness to the negligible number of black men in medical schools. (27:03)

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