Understanding Disability Insurance: A Guide for Physicians and Dentists

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Thinking about the future brings up questions about retirement, student loan repayment, investing, and estate planning. Unfortunately, conversation around the worst-case scenario, the inability to work and do what you were trained, does not always get a seat at the table. 

Disability insurance can trigger feelings of insecurity about choosing the right plan. Because questions about the correct amount of coverage, the type of features that can benefit you, and supplementary insurance can arise, we’ve created this Disability Insurance Guide to walk you through the basics of securing an insurance plan. 

In this guide, you will find: 

  • What disability insurance is and key considerations
  • Information on benefits of disability insurance
  • Types of riders and features and how to determine which is the best fit for you
  • Common misconceptions and clarifications about disability insurance
  • How your financial planner plays a role in securing your coverage

All practicing doctors can benefit immensely from securing disability insurance, whether through direct usage or peace of mind. 


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