Why You Should Volunteer with NC MedAssist

The Spaugh Dameron Tenny team volunteering at a NC MedAssist Mobile Free Pharmacy

Being involved with NC MedAssist over the two years has been a wonderful experience, from working with their volunteer committee, the amazing energy and message at the 2018 Executive Luncheon with Steve Smith, to volunteering at the Mobile Free Pharmacy.

Connecting directly with NC MedAssist customers at the Mobile Free Pharmacy is the most memorable aspect of being partners with NC MedAssist. It is so rewarding to be a part of distributing vital over-the-counter medicine that is often taken for granted by so many.

Molly Holbert of Spaugh Dameron Tenny & Lori Giang, CEO of NC MedAssist at the NC MedAssist 2019 Executive Luncheon
Molly Holbert of Spaugh Dameron Tenny & Lori Giang, CEO of NC MedAssist

This year at NC MedAssist’s 2019 Executive Luncheon, Lori Giang, CEO of MedAssist, explained the majority of NC MedAssist clients are childless adults that fall into the doughnut hole. These adults range in age from 46 to 64 and they rely on NC MedAssist because they don’t qualify for Medicare until they are declared disabled by the Social Security Administration, which can be a long process.

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Giang also expressed, “@NCMedAssist can [positively] affect our patients’ ability to work.” She continued, by sharing a few thank you from gracious patients. One patient show their gratitude by saying, Without NC MedAssist, I would not be here today to care for my grandchild.”

Spaugh Dameron Tenny was featured in NC MedAssist’s volunteer newsletter in December of 2018, where the organization asked two of our Financial Advisors why they volunteer with NC MedAssist. Check out what Shane Tenny, CFP® and Will Koster had to say:

Why Shane Tenny, CFP® Volunteers with NC MedAssist:

Shane Tenny
Shane Tenny, CFP® and Partner with Spaugh Dameron Tenny

How did you learn about NC MedAssist?

My client and Board Member, Dr. AJ Patefield, invited me to the NC MedAssist Executive Luncheon in 2017.

What draws you to the NC MedAssist mission? 

It is humbling to realize there are thousands of people in our community who desperately need basic medical help (even Tylenol and Band Aids) but aren’t eligible for Medicaid. When faced with the choice of paying utilities, buying food, or getting medicine, there just isn’t enough money to go around. We heard story after story of people all around us who either get sick and lose their job (and health insurance) or lose their job and then get ill and find themselves unable to afford the basic necessities to care for themselves or their family. It’s been a blessing to be able to support NC MedAssist financially, include our entire team, invite other friends and clients, and directly interact with the NC MedAssist patients who so desperately appreciate the help.

Why is it important for companies like SDT, LLC to volunteer/give back to community non-profits like NC MedAssist?

As a financial planning firm specializing in helping physicians, we’re so fortunate to serve such a blessed population. As part of our work, we’ve spent several years searching for an organization that would allow us to serve the community and connect with our stakeholders. Our firm saw the tremendous need of people who fall into the “donut hole” that are above the poverty line and are ineligible for Medicaid, making it hard to afford medication. Our first volunteer experience at MedAssist’s mobile free pharmacy opened our eyes to the struggle of these people because of the high cost to provide cold medicine, vitamins, and other essential medicines for their families. Volunteering as a team at the Mobile-Free-Pharmacy is a great way to connect with each other, while simultaneously making an impact on the community.

Why Will Koster Volunteers with NC MedAssist:

Will Koster
Will Koster, Associate Financial Planner with Spaugh Dameron Tenny

Why do you volunteer with NC MedAssist?

As a team, Spaugh Dameron Tenny recognizes the importance of giving our time to support a cause we believe has a positive impact in the community in which we are all members. We volunteer with NC MedAssist because we whole heartedly believe in their mission and ability to make a significant, positive difference in the lives of the individuals most in need of a helping hand.

Why should other companies volunteer with NC MedAssist?

I would suggest that others volunteer with NC MedAssist because their events are hands on which helps to fully appreciate the impact you are making as a volunteer. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the relief in the eyes of the individuals you are serving when they receive the supplies the most desperately need or knowing your efforts are truly changing lives. There is no substitute for the human interaction when volunteering for an organization like NC MedAssist.

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How can you get involved?

There are many ways you can volunteer with NC MedAssist. If you live in Charlotte, you can conveniently go their warehouse to help sort medicine. Take yourself, colleagues, and friends along with you. A great way to network and socialize with NC MedAssist is by participating in their two annual events. NC MedAssist holds an Executive Luncheon and Pancakes and Beer 5k in both Charlotte and Raleigh every year. If you don’t live in one of the two major cities in North Carolina, you can help at their Mobile Free Pharmacy events held throughout North Carolina around the year. This list doesn’t include all of the volunteer opportunities at NC MedAssist, so please check out their volunteer opportunities for more: Volunteer at NC MedAssist

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