Why These Doctors Chose to Pursue Their Medical Specialty

National Doctors Day

On March 30th and every other day, Spaugh Dameron Tenny is celebrating all of the hard working and passionate physicians who chose to dedicate their life to medicine. Our world would be full of sick humans without doctors’ invaluable care, research, sacrifices, and so much more.

In honor of National Doctors Day I asked a few doctors why they chose their medical specialty.

National Doctors Day


“At first, I was intimidated by the complex-looking machines and urgent manner in which things need to happen in the operating room. However, after taking my first elective rotation in the specialty, I realized it was all manageable and that the anesthesiologists seemed to be among the happier physicians I had met. It’s a career in which patients tend to appreciate the work that you do, and most of your patient encounters begin and end the same day. I don’t take work home with me in a literal or psychological sense. Occasionally, I’m worried about the outcome of a critically ill patient, but most of our patients are in good shape by the time we leave the hospital.”

Physician on FIRE, Anesthesiologist & finance blogger


Emergency Medicine Physician

“I chose to pursue a career in emergency medicine after seeing the calm confidence with which my emergency physician mentors treated any medical issue that came in the door.   I admired the skill set, which requires expertise in all areas of medicine, from surgical emergencies, to medical emergencies, to pediatrics, orthopedics, dermatology and ophthalmology.  I also love that emergency physicians care for anyone that needs care, 24 / 7/ 365, providing a safety net for those that cannot otherwise access healthcare.  Our mantra is anyone, anything, anytime.”

Dr. Sandy Craig, Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director at Atrium Health


Orthopaedic Surgeon

” For as long as I can remember, as a young teenager – and perhaps even earlier – I wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon. Probably had something to do with breaking at least 10 different bones in my arms! I played hard, or at a minimum, I was playing pretty rough. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so it’s probably in the blood lines as well. Spending so much time in my orthopaedic surgeon’s office played a large role in me wanting to pursue this a career as well. I always went there hurting with some fractured bone, but I always left feeling so much better, and he was always in such a good mood and happy to help me. He would show me the x-rays and explain the cast process and I thought that was really cool.  It inspired me.”

Dr. Marshall Kuremsky, Orthopaedic Surgeon at EmergeOrtho


Integrative Medicine Physician

“My Dad is a retired OBGYN and my mom a retired Dentist. One might think that they were my primary influence for entering medicine, however they never explicitly pushed me that way. While, I’m sure having parents in medicine planted the seed, I actually decided to go to medical school in 8th grade out of college writing assignment. It was really kind of random, I know… but that’s how it happened.”

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, Integrative Medicine & Physician Business & Entrepreneur Coach at Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Institute

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