EVENT: Celebration of Smiles with Betty Orr, DDS

Celebration of Smiles Charlotte

Spaugh Dameron Tenny, LLC is partnering with America’s Toothfairy to promote its Smile Drive campaign, which was launched in 2014. Volunteers and community organizations collect toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and other oral hygiene products and distribute them to schools and programs that serve at-risk kids. Spaugh Dameron Tenny, LLC recognizes that the lack of basic oral care products in many low-income homes is a cause of tooth decay, so we’re participating in the America’s Toothfairy Smile Drive campaign.

Our firm will collect toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and other oral hygiene products and distribute them to organizations that serve at-risk kids.  Our Smile Drive will be held in Charlotte, NC, from March 1st to March 14th. Donated items will be distributed in time for World Oral Health Day on March 20th!

We’ll finish off our Smile Drive by sponsoring Celebration of Smiles, a special event held on March 14th. The event will include a panel of dental industry thought leaders, as well as a networking opportunity for the local dental/medical community. The discussion will focus on how to get involved to help local children, engage your team and highlight your practice in the community by supporting oral health care, education, and resources for children in need.

Celebration of Smiles Charlotte Panel

Spaugh Dameron Tenny is excited to be a part of the Celebration of Smiles by moderating the conversation between this panel of local dental industry thought leaders:

  • Dr. William Linger, Owner/President of William Linger, DDS, MAGD
  • Dr. Betty Orr, Dental Educator and Culture Leader of A Peaceful Practice
  • Dr. George Betancourt, Co-owner of Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney

In preparation for America’s Toothfairy’s event, we are interviewing each of the panelists to get their thoughts on the latest trends in dentistry and how those changes affect children’s overall health, as well as, their dental practice’s bottom line. This week we’re talking to Dr. Betty Orr, a member of America’s Toothfairy’s Dentist Advisory Committee.

About the Panelist: Dr. Betty Orr

Celebration of Smiles- Dr. Betty Orr

Dr. Betty Orr is a dental educator, private practice and total wellness advocate, sharing 30 years of dental education, private practice ownership and a lifetime of stories, connecting educators, clinicians, students and industry experts to further the values, artistry and ethics. Dr. Betty received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University in the City of New York. The dental educator has dedicated her new practice to her patients and her profession.  Known for her gentle hands and loving heart, Dr. Betty’s Office has been created to serve as a prototype for A Peaceful Practice®, the private practice culture that drew thousands of patients to Dr. Betty’s Charlotte dental office for nearly 20 years.

What are current trends in the dental industry that are affecting your practice and ultimately your patients?

Of the things I love most about dental students, I would have to say their passion, energy and humanity are at the top of my list! Couple these qualities with the veteran dentist’s natural desire to mentor the next generation and I see a partnership which fulfills the needs of both…education for the future generation and passing it on for the present one.

Dentists can have enormous influence in the lives of their patients and can provide them with encouragement, guidance and opportunity.. even create a small learning collective, engaging patients who are interested in the health fields. I also love the idea of community based learning centers, e.g. PPU, inviting doctors and educators into safety net clinics, doubling as training centers for dentistry’s newest graduates and volunteer centers for the community and other technical learning institutions, (e.g. hygiene/assisting programs).

America’s Toothfairy provides oral care products and education throughout the US, how do these preventive resources impact children’s lives?

I remember one of my professors in dental school saying, “Dental pain is the worst pain there is.” Years later, a patient would come to me in tears, barely able to get out the words, “I didn’t know it would hurt so bad!”. The truth is, dental disease is excruciating… and many of those afflicted are children. If the question is simply how does preventive care impact children’s lives…the simple answer is it reduces their suffering. The bigger answer is that it helps them learn better… fear less and love more. Preventive care helps children focus on what’s good, on what’s happy … to relax… and to become all that they can be.

How does family participation in oral health improve the bottom line of your practice?

If the bottom line is financial, a family committed to health is also a family committed to regular recall appointments! Those families are easy to establish long term relationships with and are also your best referral base. A family who is focused on their oral health AND who loves their dentist is also an organic and exponential practice builder.

If the bottom line is the positive impact that a practice can have in the lives of its patients and community, a family of oral of health advocates are a wonderful and willing resource for the dentist to widen their practice’s sphere of positive influence.

I also see the practice whose families are focused on oral health as one that is a pleasure to work for. Where prevention and maintenance are the focus, emergency or catastrophic care is a rarity, and outcomes are far more predictable when disease is less advanced… the patients are less fearful too.

That being said, one of the most rewarding things about being a dentist is allaying a patient’s fear and restoring what has been severely damaged ~ one would hope for a conversion to a family focused on oral health after the fact…

During this time of rapid change in digital marketing, how have you adapted from relying on word of mouth to using social media, as a dental practice owner?

I think word of mouth will always be the gold standard for patient referrals and I see social media as an extension of the same, allowing patients and doctors to share information, refer others and communicate through a broader range of channels. As an adjunct to conventional word of mouth, social media is a wonderful platform for brand and self expression, allowing each practice to establish themselves more firmly as a non-commodity, especially in the face of a depersonalizing industry. What I love most about social media is the opportunity to promote health, share a story and stay connected with patients in between visits on a broad range of topics. What I like least about social media is the modern need and significant expense a practice must incur to monitor its online reputation.

As a 30 year veteran of the dental profession, how do you see raising awareness of the importance of oral health through America’s ToothFairy initiatives positively impacting your practice and others?

As dentistry has evolved from a profession to an industry, I think patients may have lost sight of who dentists really are… and perhaps, dentists may have forgotten that a little bit too. Dentists are, by definition, experts in the prevention, diagnosis and repair of oral disease. To fulfill that role, dentists must be both clinicians AND educators, aiming to have a positive impact on the health of the community at large. Partnering with America’s ToothFairy and participating in community health initiatives allows the dentist to fulfill their role as educator and reminds everyone, including the dentists themselves, that dentistry is a compassionate profession, deeply committed to the health and well being of its patients and its communities. By looking out of the windows of our practices and by seeing the world around us as a bigger picture… we not only have the power to change others… we are given the power to change ourselves. The positive impact of raising awareness and helping others therefore ultimately becomes…immeasurable.

Celebration of Smiles Charlotte

  • Date: March 14th, 2019
  • Time: 6:00 to 8:00pm
  • Location: Legion Brewery-South Park
  • Address:  5610 Carnegie Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28209

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celebration of smiles Charlotte

About America’s Toothfairy

Founded in 2006 by internationally recognized clinician, Cherilyn Sheets, DDS, America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) was established as a collaborative effort of clinicians, academicians, corporate leaders and caring individuals to address the children’s oral health crisis. America’s Toothfairy is now headquartered  in Charlotte and has distributed more than $19 million in donated products, educational materials and financial grants to improve oral health outcomes for children and youth in need.




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