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Physician Side Gigs

Introducing Spaugh Dameron Tenny, LLC’s  first blog series, featuring successful Physician Entrepreneurs who have started their own business or are thriving in physician side-gigs. Over the next few months we will be interviewing physicians who are leveraging their medical degrees to take their career to the next level.

These physicians come from different specialties, cities, and are each paving their own path in different industries. When interviewing each of the physicians, they all have admitted feeling the symptoms of physician burnout and want to share their stories to help other physicians who might be struggling with burnout as well.

Turning Burnout into a Career

After finding  the physician suicide rate is more than double the suicide rate of the general population, I decided to find out if there were any solutions to this horrible statistic.  The idea for this Physician Entrepreneurship Series came from connecting with the amazing leaders who are fighting against physician burnout. As a result of publishing a blog about 6 Leaders who are making a difference in physicians’ lives, I had enlightening chats with Dr. Maiysha Clairborne and Dr. Jarred Patton about their missions of helping physicians  through career coaching. Dr. Patton explained his perspective as physician burnout being an entire spectrum. He explains the physician burnout spectrum as, “a physician at 25% impairment by burnout is likely performing clinically at the same level as always. However, as the percentage of burnout increases, there could be a higher likelihood of a sentinel event like poor patient outcomes or even suicide.”

Physicians are addressing their symptoms of burnout in many ways, from recognizing they can work as independent contractors or as locum tenens, as well as, becoming entrepreneurs and exploring side gigs.  They are helping each other by congregating in Facebook groups, such as the 29,000 (and counting) member Physician Side Gigs group. Members of the group collaborate to explore opportunities outside of traditional clinical medicine to create the life in medicine they want.


Physician Entrepreneur & Side Gig Explorer Blog Series:

Check out each of the physician entrepreneurs or side-gig explorers who are part of this series. Their articles of guest blogs were published once a month from January of 2019 to April of 2019. The featured physicians included:

Featured Physicians


Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Physician Entrepreneur- Maiysha Clairborne

Specialty: Integrative Family Medicine

Founder of the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Institute and the Stress Free Mom MD

What better way to start the series, than with a physician entrepreneurship career coach! Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an integrative family physician, an Associate Clinical Professor for Morehouse School of Medicine, and also the founder of the Mind Body Spirit Wellness and DocSupport LLC. She is a successful entrepreneur, as well as the author of The Wellness Blueprint and Eat Your Disease Away. She utilizes her experience as a doctor mom to guide others who experience similar stress and struggles in the industry. Her latest venture is Next Level Physician Entrepreneur’s Institute, a virtual institute to help physicians launch business.

Dr. Cliareborne Physician Entrepreneur

Dr. Marshall Kuremsky

Orthopedic Physician Side Gig

Specialty: Orthopeadic Surgery

Venture Capitalist at Loud Capital

Marshall Kuremsky, MD is an orthopedic surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina specializing in sports medicine and hand surgery. He is a proud husband and father to their two young beautiful daughters. While in Raleigh, he has broadened his pursuits to include real estate investing, day trading, developing a small healthcare consulting firm, blogging, and a multimedia social platform promoting news and information about injuries in baseball. He is currently the team physician for the Houston Astros Minor League (A) team, the Buies Creek Astros, and was given a World Series Championship ring by the Astros for their win in 2017! His latest work is through a side gig as a venture capitalist.

Dr Kuremsky Physician Side-gig

Dr. Angela Fusaro

Physician Entrepreneur- Angela Fusaro

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Co-founder of Physician 360

Dr. Fusaro works as an Emergency Medicine physician at Emory University, and is a recent graduate of Goizueta Business school. She built a software platform to estimate patient risk for opioid abuse and overdose. The Atlanta physician is also co-founder of Insight to Innovation (i2i), a national workshop that helps other physicians translate clinical insight into marketable products. Dr. Fusaro’s latest ventures include co-founding Physician 360 and serving as a board member of Hygeia Health, Inc.

Dr. Fusaro Physician Entrepreneur

Dr. Patrick O’Malley

Physician Entrepreneur- Patrick O'Malley

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Owner/Inventor of Lactalite

Dr. O’Malley is an Emergency and urgent care physician with 11 years experience in private practice. He is committed to helping improve processes in the emergency department, urgent care, and hospital.  Outside of direct patient care, his main ventures include inventing medical products, the LIRIG-8 wound irrigation device being his first successful invention. Dr. O’Malley also invented Lactalite, a breast pump light, with his wife. His entrepreneurial spirit showed at a young age and came into fruition during high school when he began making and selling tie dye t-shirts, and continued his t-shirt business to college.

Physician Entrepreneurship- Patrick O'Malley

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