Social Media 101 for Dentists

Social Media for Dentists

Social media is an ever-changing arena of marketing. For dental practitioners, it can be challenging to develop a strategy that increases brand awareness and draws in new patients. But investing the time and money to create and run a social media program is well worth the effort. It is an opportunity to help improve the practice’s reputation and credibility, strengthen patient relationships and open a line of communication in the community.

Of all the medical professionals, it could be said that dentists have a different challenge when it comes to engaging existing and potential clients. From this perspective, social media is a wonderful opportunity for developing a new story. Here are some ways using social media can help your practice:

  • Humanize your profession and staff
  • Build trust
  • Create a brand
  • Lighten things up with some humor
  • Share client reviews
  • Use videos to dispel fear
  • Explain advancements in pain-free treatment
  • Establish your practice and staff as part of a community


There are many social media platforms to select from once you decide to take the plunge. You may decide to focus on one or two platforms at the outset and then expand or change, if needed, depending upon your success and response. Among many options are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Understanding Your Audience

A key to a successful campaign is understanding the demographic and audience you are trying to reach. You need to choose a platform they engage with. And you need to determine the unique selling point (USP) your practice offers clients. Perhaps you specialize in pediatric dentistry, the changing needs of seniors, or helping professionals show their best possible smiles.

Variety of Posts

Make sure you rotate the kinds of posts you make to keep your audience interested and engaged. Integrating a personable manner with professional information will help establish your practice in a new light in the eyes of clients.

  • Show virtual tours of your office
  • Offer information on the latest technology advances
  • Provide tips that patients can implement at home for dental health
  • Demonstrate how you give back to community
  • Make Q&A videos

Dentists have a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to managing their finances. There is education debt to be paid, high insurance costs, the price of establishing a practice and equipment, and lots of investment opportunities during the peak earning phase of a career.

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