On-Demand WEBINAR-Déjà News: Making Sense of Financial Media

Avoid Basing Financial Decisions on Daily Headlines

The market seems to be at all time highs. How do you determine what to do with your portfolio? When it comes to making smart decisions with your money, how do you filter the daily news in your strategy?

Join Shane Tenny, CFP® Professional as he shares research on the media’s influence over our perceptions versus reality. We’ll talk about the anxiety and mistakes that are often made as a result of news headlines and solutions to help you prepare for future market volatility.

Our Discussion will highlight:
  • Anxiety- from news everywhere
  • Mistakes- what we hear in the media can impact how we invest
  • Staying focused on long-term financial goals

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Molly Holbert

Molly Holbert | Spaugh Dameron Tenny