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In Training: Foundation Planning

Many of our clients struggle with high debt loads and limited cash flow during their training years. But being cash-strapped doesn’t mean that you can’t start the financial planning process. In fact, developing prudent financial habits now is key to establishing a solid foundation for future growth.

Foundation Planning is often the first step for residents, fellows, or physicians new to practice. Our focus is two-fold: to educate you about the typical financial planning challenges faced by medical professionals, and to help you implement* simple strategies to address basic financial objectives.

In the Foundation Planning process, we typically address concerns including:

  • Student loan consolidation
  • Employment contract review and negotiation
  • Life and disability income insurance
  • 401(k) contributions and allocation
  • Monthly savings objectives
  • Employer benefit options
  • Basic estate documents

*The client is free to implement the plan recommendations with whomever he/she chooses.