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Welcome to Spaugh Dameron Tenny

For over 50 years, we have specialized in the needs of healthcare providers. The advantage of our approach is the experience, process and specialization of working with others just like you. So, whether you are well established in practice, or just finishing your training, we encourage you to explore our services:

In Training

Many of our clients struggle with high debt loads and limited cash flow during their training years. But being cash-strapped doesn’t mean that you can’t start the financial planning process. In fact, developing prudent financial habits now is key to establishing a solid foundation for future growth.

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In Transition

Life changes dramatically for physicians after residency. The transition from making very little money to having a substantial paycheck is both exciting and fraught with potential pitfalls. We help new physicians address the growing complexity of lifestyle changes they are likely to encounter.

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In Practice

Very few physicians go into practice with a clear idea of how to finance the life they intend to live. We commonly see physicians with a patchwork of financial products and advisors, and no cohesive strategy.

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In Retirement

Retirement planning for physicians involves some unique considerations. Some look to us for assistance with succession planning for their practice. Other physicians want help balancing their income needs, tax liability, and concern about the future.

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